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My Caltrops


    My caltrops are all hand made from heavy gauge welded steel wire and no matter how you throw them they always have 1 point facing up.

   I offer 2 sizes. My large caltrops are approximately 2 ½” to 3” tall and made from 4 gauge steel (.210”) while the small caltrops are approximately 1 ½” to 1 ¾” tall and made from 3/16” steel (.187”).  The small caltrops weigh less than half of the large caltrops and fit together so they’re a lot easier to carry around with you.

   The oil coated caltrops are coated in a thin coating of oil to help prevent rust but this coating needs to be renewed occasionally for it to keep working. You can also choose to let them rust so they blend in with the ground better.

   The painted caltrops are given multiple coats of an oil based metal enamel which is then baked on to make an even tougher finish. I offer black and green now but I will paint these any color, although custom colors will usually take a few extra days to ship out because of the painting process.

Caltrops Uses

   Caltrops can be used to deter intruders or trespassers and are perfect for putting under your windows to stop people looking in or entering your house or business. They are great for protecting hunting camps and vacation properties from illegal poaching and trespassers. The large caltrops will go through just about any four wheel truck or off road vehicle tires made. Many people buy my caltrops to stop people driving on their property and destroying their lawns. You can also tie these together with thin nylon cord so you can gather them up when you want them out of the way.

   Some people buy the small caltrops to carry with them to stop someone from chasing them. You can drop them behind you and the person chasing you steps on them, crippling them long enough for you to get away. Great for women who have to walk alone.

   The oiled caltrops will blend in with the ground. You can also choose to let them rust so they blend in with the dirt better.

   The black caltrops are meant to blend in with driveways and parking lots while the gray will blend in with faded blacktop or concrete better.

   The green caltrops will blend in with grass and around bushes on and around your property and house.